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Attending Utah’s 2014 Bilingual...

Attending Utah’s 2014 Bilingual ASL/ English Wood Badge Course
  Two Deaf Patrols and Interpreting Staff What a truly WONDERFUL experience this was on so many levels!!  GLAD I attended Utah’s 2014 Bilingual ASL/ English Wood Badge course.  I encourage you to experience Bilingual ASL courses for yourself, regardless of whether you are from Deaf or Hearing community. Impressions I left with: 1. [...]

Utah’s Great Salt Lake Council ...

Utah’s Great Salt Lake Council  — Bilingual ASL/English Wood Badge Course — May 12-17, 2014
Bilingual ASL/ English Wood Badge course!! Great opportunity for all Scouters: Deaf or Hearing offered through Great Salt Lake Council. Next course is May 12-17, 2014 in Snydermill Lodge in beautiful Park City, UT. Scholarships are available to the deaf.   Check out the video to see the course in action: [...]

Impressive Numbers from Deaf Units

Impressive Numbers from Deaf Units
Troop 29 from Alabama School for the Deaf (ASD) has 13 Vigil Honors, 5 Silver Beavers, 1 silver Antelope, 6 Wood Badges (3-two beads and 3-3 beads) who are all Deaf. AND that is not all! Considering Deaf Schools that have so FEW students, these numbers are impressive coming from their Troops where Scouts are earning ScOUTING’s highest h [...]

A Vision Becomes Reality

A Vision Becomes Reality
Today starts the designing of my web page that shows me I’ve got LOTS to learn! It is hard making the vision in my head of what I want my page to look like when I still need to understand what each button does as I click here and there.  It seems other parts in another section (that I can’t find now but found when I first started) [...]



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