Resourcefulness, Enlightenment, and Kindredship in ScOUTING

A Vision Becomes Reality

Today starts the designing of my web page that shows me I’ve got LOTS to learn!

It is hard making the vision in my head of what I want my page to look like when I still need to understand what each button does as I click here and there.  It seems other parts in another section (that I can’t find now but found when I first started) affects the section I’m currently navigating in.  After hours of playing at designing, I’m tired mentally.  Eh, tomorrow begins a new day of playing, oops designing, I mean.  I can only keep my fingers crossed that I’ll have the professional design I see on so many blogs on mine.

But the blessing is now Deaf Scouters like myself will have a place to connect.  Trainers and/or Training Teams can glean tips for presenting materials while Deaf Scouters and/or parents can learn how to get the most out of ScOUTING.  I’ve enjoyed my years of ScOUTING but it wasn’t always easy as it is now.  Experience is a teacher along with the long lasting friendships and mentors that inspire, encourage and help find resources to help me.  ScOUTING is truly a blessing that makes volunteering so MUCH more than just simply volunteering one’s time.  I am glad I have the pleasure to be a part of ScOUTING!  Hopefully it will be the same for you.


Thus begins Deaf Scouter….Deaf Scouter

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  1. MS's Gravatar MS
    May 15, 2014    

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article.

    Thank you for providing these details.

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